Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

Well everything else coming back like Star Wars and Jurassaic Park sequels from the 70's & 80's why not throw this in the bunch. Even with the female cast angle. It was ok with Bill Murrey, right?
The point to all this? Please read the following articles and it's sad the studios are going backwards instead of original material for the future. 

More 70's & 80's but at least Stallone has his fans to keep these projects happening. He sure keeps busy. While Ex. 3 tanked over here he just keeps pushing on with more projects. Rambo 5 is a stretch but Creed is a good angle to bring back Rocky and finally getting that Gangster flick, which is way over due.

"Fck it. I quit!" Was my favorite moment. And People in the background are always good for a good laugh. Great 15 minute video to put a smile on your face. But some are not laughing looking back at 2014. See the next article. I find it funny as heck

Not to repeat myself but I've been saying and my co-host partner Mark and Me said it loudly
on our live show this summer. At this point Hollywood is just plain in denial. And like I said before the tv/cable ratings prove it.

This was to obvious with everyone in denial again. But it sure helped Seth Rogen and Co. on "The Interview". That's what Sony gets for making a bad Spidey movie.

Xmas week had 2 screens for Exodus and NY Eve week has 2 screens for the Hobbit 3.
And those penguins are still around. A very religous and family oriented cinema for this small town.

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