Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Like I said in previous blogs, Leto was the right choice and Smith was obvious when he turned down ID4. And good for Hardy after doing Bane. He's had way too many flops after that. He deserves a hit. One more role is still open: I'm going for Viola Davis, she nails it as that Laywer who gets away with murder tv show, lol.
And nobody mentions the Superbowl, the most obvious one with over 100 million viewers, DUH!
That's the one where we see the original cast. For Christmas should be a variation of the first trailer like what they did with the Avengers trailer. But that's just me.
This and Stallone doing Creed is all fine and dandy to relive the good old times and to bring them back the new generation just doesn't care, it's all about Superheros. There's only a small audience for these films and even then they get pissed off when the movie makers changed things around and refuse to see the movie.
At one time his "Smokey and The Bandit" was the second biggest film of 1977 after Star Wars and was a movie idol to a lot of fans including yours truly. Fast forward to see this as one time he was the biggest money making star of his time. Wow.

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