Thursday, December 04, 2014

Bond...James Bond 007

Update includes The Flash/Arrow rating news and "I'm Back!" Terminator Trailer.
Spectre. Aston Martin. Blofeld?. The Alps. He's back! Old school Bond.
Playback of the Livestream is now in repeated looping mode. Very short presentation surprisingly.
Breakdown of the event from this morning.
While they mention Spectre they never mention Blofelds character himself. But what a great cast. Bautista, Belluci, Seydoux, Scott and of course Waltz.
But the best part about this is the title:
"Spectre" Gotta love it. Short and Straight to the point. Non of that Quantum of Solace crap.
But Waltz is not playing Blofeld but a character named Oberhauser. So where's Blofeld?
Either Oberhauser is a disguised name for a big reveal at the end or he's working for Blofeld.
The producers got the rights to Spectre and Blofled so for them not to use Bond's ultimate nenemis would be a waste. Sooner or later Blofeld will show up.

While the story has not been mentioned, all this points to On Her Majesty's Secret Service revisited.
Even tho it won't be a remake the plot points will be there to start off Spectre.
Sam Mendes acknowledged he grew up with the Sean Connery and Roger Moore films and Skyfall even had nods to Moore's Live And Let Die. When Craig's Bond stepped on the Komodo Dragons in Skyfall that was a direct reference to Moore's Live stepping on the crocodiles.

For those who grew up with the Connery films in the 60's You Only Live Twice was the film that we officially saw Blofeld even tho he was always in the background in the previous films.
But in the novel it was OHMSS is when Bond is introduce to Blofeld for the first time.
The films were done out of order. It was confusing at first when fans went to see Majesty's as some thought it was a reboot since Bond would have obviously remembered him in Twice.

For me this is a dream come true and saving egg on my face as I'be been saying for years that once the producers get those rights they will go old school. Well another bet won.

More on my next blog tomorrow and highlights of my favorite Bond moments.

Other Big News if that's what you want to call it. Whose idea was this anyways after Bond?
Basically a remake even with those friggin lines, you know them. This franchise needs The Rock to save this. At least the flippin bus looks cool. But Arnold as a Grey haired Terminator?
And some good ratings to boot. While some shows are getting cancelled after a few shows these two will be around for a few more seasons. Keep up the action like this last Arrow episode and some headless suit will be able to keep his parking space.

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