Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday's Movie News Links

Blog: Dr. Strange, Deadpool, 3 Bond Link with behind the scenes 14m video.
He is finally getting is own franchise instead of being second banana aka Star Trek and Smaug. And after getting his Oscar Nod for Imitation Game (it's a sho in) he's pretty soon going to get his Robert Downey Jr. F.U. Money. Guess being nice, humble and being a good actor helps, lol.
He actually wasn't bad as the Green Lantern (movie sucked) and that Deadpool character was botched up. And considering how much time he spend on developing this I think he deserves a shot. We all know it can be worse with another actor and DC has a loving passion of screwing their movies (stay with tv) so lets see how this pans out.

2 More follow ups to James Bond:
14 minute video with 43 picture slide. Very cool.
To you hard core fans who have been listening to the shows and reading this blog:
Craig hits it on the head in this article. Blofled, Spectre and that Damn Volcano!
How many times have I mentioned that stupid volcano along with the girls on the beach, lol.
Bring the fun back, the gadgets, gizmos, girls and the villain's hidden liar inside a.......wait for it....
This will bring you up to date on the Bond mythology. Pretty good for a short article.

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