Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links

$300M for a Bond Movie? Yikes! But they will get their money back that's for sure...
Today's Blog: Frakes (Riker) as Trek Director, Star Wars, Female Dr. Who, Golden Globe Nods
Budget talk and that big spoiler about Waltz role in the film, Duh! More of this on the next show.
Commander Riker as the next director? Hell yeah! He did great with First Contact, Insurrection was a bad script he got stuck with and does a Lot of TV. Didn't J.J. come from TV?
Trading Cards anyone. I still have my Empire and Jedi cards. But somehow lost most of the original Star Wars New Hope. Oh well as far as the names go kind of boring, don't you think?
A female Dr. Who ! There's been talk about this for a long time and would love this happenm. Just the dynamics played into the show would bring this up a notch. That and some better scripts. This past season was a mixed bag for sure.

Special Note: Bragging Rights Department
Golden Globe Nominations List:
From our Live Show on MNN this past summer we did call out Gone Girl for
Best Director, Screenplay and Actress.
We called Interstellar for all the Best SFX aka Gravity the year before. Why?
Christopher Nolan got dissed for Best Director and nod for Screenplay. Good. Overrated.
And this is what is going to happen for the Oscars. So far so good in our yearly predictions.
More on this on the Radio Show.
The we didn't see coming was Jolie's Unbroken and American Sniper for Film and their Directors.
The other big one was Walking Dead! What the hell were they thinking. No Zombie love here.
The big surprise was Q Wallis for Annie. I backed up her up for her Beasts Southern Wind and won me a $20 Buck bet but even she couldn't save Annie. Thanks to the Hackers for letting me see the film  ahead of time. If your a huge Annie fan of the original your going to hate this.

More details on the Radio Show coming before Xmas Holidays. Date to be announced now that the family drama is out of the way.

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