Friday, December 19, 2014

Fridays Movie News Links

In this blog: Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Robert Rodriguez, Sony and Bongs.
Now here is something nice for the holidays among all this other selfish crap about studios losing money, internal politics and all that nonsence. Well we got Chewie and Co. but where's Luke and his crew. Common, new trailer at Superbowl halftime.
I posted a link yesterday (third one down) and said maybe they knew they had a bomb on their hands. Well a lot of things are pointing in that direction isn't it. I'll leave at that.
At this point nobody cares. But I just want to add from previous articles aka Hollywood Reporter and Variety that Rogen got paid $8M and Franco $5M upfront. And as far as those  backend points this will eventually show up on cable/netflix so there's no need for Seth and Franco to worry about those refilling those Bongs till next year and more, lol.
This most have no budget whatsover. Rodriguez Sin City 2 lost major bucks, Sony is losing everything including their minds, why this got green lit in the first place is beyond me. Sure, Robert can make things on the cheap and still being effective, I'm not going to take that away from him. Look at Machete 2, cheap but fun for those who like that style of genre. But Fire & Ice needs a major budget since the first one was costly for and used blu-screen animation primitive for it's time. But Sony? Hope Robert has Machete 3 lined up just in case.
Over 6 scripts? Well don't be surprise. Back when the first "Hulk" Director's Ang Lee's version had 6 scriptwriters and only 3 got credit and most movies now a days have at least 3 passes of  script writers before landing on the final one. And don't be surprised there's even a few more to added to brush up on the script. I know, somethings so simple and still they have a hard time. Just look at the art work. Re-designing Wonder Woman is a nightmare in itself. And you thought I was going to pick on DC again? Or back to picking on Spidey and Sony? Don't need to, they're doing find destroying themselves as it is.

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