Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

Multiple pics included here. Notice no price mentioned? Go to Amazon for your mouth to drop.
My friend got The Iron Patriot LTD edition for $300. He's got the better paying job, what can I say.

So here we go with the cross overs. I like westerns and this seems like a good idea but my question is:Yo Quentin, where the hell is "Kill Bill Complete Uncut 4 Hour Directors Platinum Edition"?. I mean you have time for this crap.

Well according to Honest Trailers they are both the same which is funny in itself

Now this will be the way to start the New Year. Plot? Really? Who Cares. Body count!!!
Love No. 2 with that Heavy Metal Black Death Yell: 2 Dead Thugs!

Bragging Rights Department:
Again I was right with Gone Girl for the top nods and Interstellar for the SFX nods
but this time it's the Best Supporting Actress catagory: Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer!
But these awards have something none of the other awards have, Best Action and Sci-Fi/Horror.
Does it matter? Nah and nobody cares but for us fan boys it is fun:
Action: Caps, Edge, Guardians and my choice is Edge of Tomorrow with Cruise as Action Actor.
Sci-Fi/Horror: Snowpiercer, Apes, Interstellar with Snowpiercer as my choice.
Both Under the Skin and Babadook were both boring dreadful piece of crap that should get no nods.

PS So what is this bragging rights crap? No I'm not showing off. Lol. It's an inside joke I'm sharing with you guys, where I bet my friends if I can guess the right picks by the end of the year. Yeah, they call me a show off.

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