Monday, December 29, 2014

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Who is this guy? Who the hell cares when you have one of the greatest Sci-Fi ships of all time on the big screen. Even I built quite a few model kits myself through the years of the Falcon.
PS there are a lot of articles on rumours of what's going to happen. If it's not solid I don't bother anymore so as far as that Han Solo thing, Prove It!
What's with the hate with Rebels. Fans are still complaining about this. We're getting Yoda back with Frank Oz doing the voice.  Ain't that a reason to celebrate? I like the show, much better than Clone Wars, which took me forever to get used to that style of animation.
Can never get tired of this. With all the work that goes into this you really have to appreciate it.
Hobbits go out with a bang and with a final laugh to have the top spot with so many new movies that came out this weekend. But congrats to Jolie and Streep for typing up for the 2nd and 3rd spots. Wow that close. Girl Power all the way! But let's face it, without top Franchises selling the box office the future looks bleak and TV/Cable is killing it. Talking about home viewing........
Not shabby at all considering the mess this film was in. This is the future and Hollywood doesn't have a clue. But read at the bottom about the guy who brought $650 worth of tickets for this to scalp. What was he thinking besides greed of course?

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