Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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This was a great goof. But actually the reason I'm posting as this relates to a previous article where Daniel Craig says Austin Powers screwed up with the parody of Blofeld and Spectre. Now this brings up memories to the Austin Sequels. Rumours of course of a fourth one. Favorite line was "If you want a bomb in the theatre just play Love Guru. Who can forget of that stinko?
PS The Interview lastest rumour is that is going to Crackle which is own by Sony. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh hell no. How about a female Indy Jones while your at it. See the comments, same thing. Make him a 006 or 008. (009 died in Octopussy). Another Spy spinoff would be cool if they want to keep this modern, I would hae no problem with that. But 007 has to be a womanizing, booze hound, gizmo carrying White Guy. Simple as that. How wonder those rumours of  Exe. Pascal of being fired keep coming up if she keeps coming up with these dumb ideas.

Talk about last laugh. I posted this last week and over the weekend this has turn out to be a big deal.
But 5th best selling comedy on Amazon and 53rd best selling DVD? Really? FK Yeah!

Look who's talking! I was not a fan of a 300 page book turned into a trilogy with 2 hour plus times.
While the third did kick ass finally it just couldn't hold to the previous trilogy. It had a big been there done that feel. And massive CGI overkill. While the film did  have it's moments including a nice final shot of a picture frame showing.....NO Spoilers! Another great moment was seeing Christopher Lee's appearence as this might be his last one due to health problems. Check out the video as a nice touching goodbye with Billy Boyd singing the song. I didn't know Hobbits could play instruments!

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Boyhood is the most overrated of the movies nominated. With that said.........

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