Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

In this Blog: Flash, Godzilla, Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars and a new cinema experience?
I remember this from way back when, and it's so cool for Hamill to do this. He knows his fans appreciate this from the conventions he does. This show keeps coming up with surprises thats for sure.
Great news for us Godzilla fans who want more of the big guy but The Studio makes us wait. And Toho listened! They also listened to the big Kaching when the merchandise flew off the shelves with a new generation discovering Godzilla. Whatever it takes the ore the better. Now, who is he going to fight? A classic Kaiju or a new one?
Time Travel script to feature Captain Kirk. So they re-visited Wrath of Khan and then they wanted to go with shades of "The Voyage Home" (time travel, not the whales, lol). So what happened to the big Klingon show down? This franchise needs to go back to TV so bad. One last film with who ever the hell directs it with whatever plot, like to see this crew one last time, then send it to syndication land.
Love this trailer. Simple, direct, straight to the point and going back to it's roots. Perfect.
Talk about denial. Knowing that whoever makes the next Star Wars is going to be way better than
what he did with the first trilogy (I do like the third). THEN knowing J.J. is going to nail it has to hurt....big time, lol.
Desperate gimmicks. Just make better movies and stop depending on these HUGE break the bank blockbusters. The cinema experience is not going to change to fact that they can still screw up the Spiderman Franchise, giving us another Transformer movie, and giving us a comedy sequel nobody was asking for (I'll let you fill in that blank).

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