Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
It had to take Star Wars to beat The Avengers especially with those trailers. But Shades of Gray at No. 4, really Ladies, did you expect to see anything?
You can actually print these and read the scripts yourself and see what the big deal is with some of these films. At the same time you can see how some of these films transitions on making it to the big screen. Spoiler alert: If you read these without seeing the movie don't be surprised by the ending, The Butler Did it!
If you compare Steve Carells performance to this video you see that Carell has half of it right but just concentrates on that one moody side of him. This was the same with Jesse Eisenberg take in the Social Network. Eisenberg just took that one look and milked for the whole film. A lot of actors take this approached and get Oscar nominated. See, you don't have to go full retard. Go figure.
This is so funny and so sad. Some of these deserve to be taken down a peg ro two especially with their salaries, most overpaid. But the funniest is No. 1. You get naked and nobody bothers seeing your film. Man, that's gotta hurt the ego.

A very family oriented cinema in the town. Not a rated R movie listed. Maybe an occasional Horror movie but far and between.

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