Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Blog: Puppets, Hobbits and Kong?
Puppets, really? This is a threat to our well being. Since when wooden objects hanging by strings are a threat? I didn't even know they were still showing this at theatres, now that's pretty cool. Fk Yeah! Speaking of which....
Actually too many funny moments but I could never look at Thunderbirds Are Go the same again after this. And that goes for Stingray too (remember that show?) and anything puppets.
What do I think? This will do huge on DVD/Br just for curiousity sakes. Either that or the movie was so bad Sony didn't mind pulling it out of theatres on Xmas. A lot of people agree you can't buy publicity like this. Well nothing else to see for the Holidays but The Hobbits which reminds me....
Noooo, people are just tired of Hobbits. Those 2 hour plus did not help matters either. But the audience will get the action they've been waiting for and this will do great for the Holidays. Face it, there's not much competition.
Kaching if he can get the rest of the rights. But scroll down and a few mention Skull Island and Son of Kong. That's what I said when they made the announcement. But Legendary Pictures is doing a modern reboot which makes sense if they are going to pair up with Godzilla.

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