Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday's Star Wars Links

It's official: The New STAR WARS Trailer along with updated links including Oscar buzz?
New radio shows coming this weekend. They will be posted during the evening hours.

Already thing so far ahead? Check out the list for it's Oscar wins and nods for the franchise.
Note: Check out bottom right for the Best Picture Predictions for this year.
since I will be talking about this on the radio show for the new year. Boyhood? Really?
This picture does mention Star Wars:
"Another Star Wars? What, Han Solo becomes a Sith Lord?"

That sure was quick considering how long it takes to put these pieces together.
Any Gollem and Ceaser/Planet of the Apes fans out there? Well it wasn't Smaug after all.

Over 60 shots here, basically a breakdown of the trailer bit by bit.
Remember when this first premiered and we all thought we were going to get a classic? Listen to the audience on how thrilled there. Little did they know what was coming, lol. Ok JJ, don't screw this up.
A real fun site with the latest news on all this with screen shots, video clips, fan comments, etc.
Lots of still from the trailer.
A breakdown of the trailer. I mean these are just bits and pieces and the 3 leads are not in here.
Probably for the Superbowl we might get that as rumoured all over the net already.
The other big trailer this week was JW but it looks like the T-Rex from the first movie who was not in the trailer might show up after all in this sequel. More the frightening.

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