Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

I'm going to leave you with these 3 articles on the matter and let you decide. You already know what my opinion is on this matter. I'm just waiting for me and Mickey to have final laugh.
That Sony hacking sure opened up a can of worms and know the Wall Street Journal out of all things are jumping on the bandwagon. Great stuff to talk about by the water cooler at the office. lol.
By the way the best stuff is in the comment section. Looks like the people posting know more than the studio itself.
Everyone is an expert but nobody can get anything done. That's the good old studio system for ya.
Other studios read this and are jumping on the band wagon. (see Jump St/MIB link below).
Like we've been saying before if Ming Na and Chloe Bennet were not on this show I doubt we be seeing this every week. The Flash took me by surprise and fun to watch. With a pretty cool crossover with The Arrow to boot. Talking  about The Arrow.....
I posted this way down here as this might have a slight spoiler with the vide and pics. Beware.
While I like the idea for crossovers but this is a stretch. Now it looks like they'll mash anything to make a new franchise. But this states that MIB3 lost money. At over $600M? How the hell did that happen?

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