Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Pee Wee, Trek, Interview (again). New Blog Talk Radio show now playing.

What a kicker. Pee Wee is resurrecting his career with Netflix being his next move releasing his movie. While Adam Sandler is trying to save his career by going to Netflix. (Men Women Children was horrible).
PS They also coming to the rescue by giving Chelsea Handler's her own Late Night Show. Ch. E! gave her a hard time with censors and all.

Wow, didn't see this coming! Read the comments, fans are pissed. They are right. Trek is Smart SCi-Fi. Not dumb over the top action Well the last trek was kind of hyper. I loved the last few Fast Furious movies for what they were and Lin did a great job with them. But for this gig? It comes down to the script but this is a studio call and it's obvious they want a dumb over the top action summer movie no matter what the subject is. Another reason for Trek to go back to TV. One good thing tho, at least the movie won't have wall to wall lens flare.

For those who still are curious. What no LA or New York release? What are we scared of?
Bad Reviews by major critics?

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