Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Bond, Oscars, Pacino, Krypton news.

Slow news day so I decided to post this as the first article. You can never go wrong with Bond girls.
Of the 3 pictured I would have preferred Adele Exarchopoulos from Blue is the Warmest Color, way cuter than Seydoux, one in the middle of course. So who would be your favorite Bond Girl of all time. Mine? Quite a few, lol. Hint: Video link posted on the bottom of this blog.

Hell, Boyhood is getting all these nods and NO WAY that deserves even to be considered for Best Picture. Well in that case I want my Apes in there along with Snowpiercer, Edge of Tommorrow and Guardians. I didn't mention Birdman as I haven't seen it yet. Got to be fair. But it did get 6 nods for the Spirit Awards, Film Independent that is. This Oscar show is going to be the worst. Oh I forgot, nobody cares. Well that makes my job easier for the Radio Show next year, lol.

Does anyone remember Dick Tracy? Which Pacino got an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor, make and all. He'll fit right in with a comic book./marvel franchise. Dick Tracy was suppose to be one but that didn't work out.

Jumping on their own bandwagon aren't they? With no established characters who is going to relate to this? At least they have the freedom to explore any kind of background and make it up for the most part and not put themselves in the corner. But is anyone going to care besides the hard core fans?

Ok not THE favorite but one of my favorite scenes of a  Bond Girl.
ps blog wouldn't let me upload the video for some reason. This Youtube page was put together
by me by the way for my partner who no longer works with the show. This page is a spinoff to our main page on Youtube by the way.

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