Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Sandman as Big as Godzilla? NOT!
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And this is the reason Hardy moved on to Suicide Squad. Even he knw nobody can be bigger than Godzilla. These are the geniuses are work at  major movie studios who think they know everything.
And this studio just doesn't have a clue and here's another proof in the writing. Forget about rebooting Spidey, forget about Spidey going back to Marvel. How about forgetting about Sony and tell them to get out of the movie business all together. Bigger than Godzilla. Really?
Here's another reason what's wrong with this business. Not only him. Check out the top 10 salaries listed on the bottom. Besides Hanks and Denzal are they really worth the money. Let's face it, these guys made a lot of crap compare to some decent movies. But everyone has their favorites.
Now here is a head scratcher. But there is a misprint as far as the "brief statement" goes. It should read:
     "Kaching Kaching Kaching. Sequel, spinoffs, netflix, oh my! I saved my parking space for life!"
Gotta love the original statement tho: "High-quality repeatable entertainment", what film are they talking about?
This is so cool since that last lousy reboot killed the franchise. Kind of like Ash-Walking Dead style.
We all know that Chris Rock and Jim Carrey were attached to this. And by time Wahlberg gets around to this it's going to be called the 6 Trillion Dollar Man. Doesn't matter. They'll probably spend $100 bucks on the script anyways. But Director Peter Berg and Walhberg from "Lone Survivor" doing this? Now I'm curious.

Note: Well that's it for the week. Part 2 of Blog Talk Radio Award Predictions coming after New Years as soon as I can catch up with more nominees like Birdman and Theoryof Everything.
And of Course Talk Show Radio will be a end of year Best of before those Specials in the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone and don't drink too much eggnog. I know I will.

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