Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Transformers Controversy

So they lied about the box office. What else it's new. With some movies they do cheat but hard to prove but looks like they got busted. This happened back in 1999 with "Superman Returns".
That movie hanged on to the box office for 4 weeks at $196M. Then all of a sudden it clear the$200M with the studio stating if found lost reciepts. What bull crap. They had to answer to the board on why wasn't the big money maker that the studio promised them. Even Box Office Mojo was a lost at words during this time period. Regardles of that this picture is still friggin huge. BUT, will it cross the $1 Billion mark like the last one or is it finally a burn out.
Note: If you scroll down qite a bit it states that Godzilla might be the only movie to open with $90M and NOT cross the $200M mark. Now that really hurts. Glad they gave the ok for the sequel.

Transformer 4 already coming to Blu-ray. Great looking Amazon gift set but with no release date or price mentioned. Click on the picture inside the link and look at the details on this thing. I Wants!

Never enough APE news. More behind the scenes with video included.

Is this really necessary? Sure we get 4 films never before release on BR but how many times I'm going to own Jurassaic Park already on BR? Sure it comes with a 58 page book but what everyone wants are the damn commentaries that he does not want to do!!! Not once has he done a commentary and that sucks! I would still buy this USED on Amazon for about $20 bucks. So there!

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