Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic -Con Final Day

Above: From  old collction aka 1990's. Press the red button to hear King Gidorah roar. Well not anymore, it's so old the battery died out. PS Brand new Blog Talk Radio Plug now playing.
Well that got my favorite Kaiju in there so it's all good. That's what this franchise needs, bring back all the old classics Kaiju's since thye all going to get a complete makeover due to size and CG. But like the other news yesterday with bringing back King Kong will Andy Serkis be part of that and how will that effect a hopeful Godzilla Vs King Kong. Let''s face it the original also needs a makeover.
So we got Edwards Godzilla Franchise, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Del Toro's Pacific Rim all run by Legendary Pictures, what are the odds for a Mish Mash aka The Avengers. You know the studios are all thinking of it.
While Hercules didn't do all that good openingweekend The Rock has to look at other franchises and  this makes sense. Unfortunately that EX3 bootleg is all over the internet, shame it will kill this franchise as Pierce Brosnan says he wants in, The Rock would like to join and we are still waiting for
Seagal to changehis mind to join and of course Jackie Chan. There is still juice with franchise.
Can't wait to see this and then that Futurama crossover episode. Great season to look forward to.
Great video but man this has spoilers. They do tell quite a bit for the year. Wish they stop that.
Evil Dead for TV? Why not, they screwed up rebooting the franchise and then Raimi got in that lawsuit so I'm glad for all of them. Wish they still would go ahead of Army of Darkness sequel tho.
SAy goodbye to the cast, shame they blew it with that fairie crap a few seasons ago as they are grying to get back to the first seasons basics. But I agree it's time to call it as this season is dragging.

I haven't mentioned to much on Sups vs Bats mainly cause I laugh to hard at this train wreck everytime I post something. Like this disaster:
Everything is wrong with this. A short clip then Ben and Henry show up with no talk or q&a with the audience. Then they show this dreadful pic of Wonder Woman custom. This is NOT Wonder Woman. I dont know what the hell is that. Maybe Red Sonja or Conans sidekick but not WW.

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