Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Links Including Comic-Con Highlights

Note: Live show now playing on You Tube. Please see previous Blog. Comic-Con Scroll down.
The Expendables behind the scenes video shows a lot more now but if this keeps up there be nothing left to see, lol. But seriously for much screen time can every one have. It's more like cameos than anything else. Like that is going to stop me. This is old school and I am so there. It should be fun.
Talk about no faith in your own property. Sinister 6 is going ahead and Spidey is left behind. Ouch.
At this point no studio is going to catch up with Marvel. And Disney will get Spidey. Simple as that.
Not much to look at but they need every gimmick to save this train wreck. And about that date?
Yeah I agree Bat Sups will move their date. CAPS is way too solid to mess with.
7 ? Damn talk about milking it. Well why not, they screwed up Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson did nothing with that franchise. At one point Spielberg wanted to revisit Jason and the Argonauts mythology.  Ray Harryhausen did some of this with his films going into the history of the different countries and their folk stories.
Never mind the car chase. Where Spectre and Blofeld? They got the original characters like M, Q and Ms Moneypenny back in the fold so they're almost there. Also don't forget the Volcano and Bond going into outer space. Hell, Lady Gaga is going in real life (one way ticket we hope) so why not Bond. Remember Gravity did a shit load of money and we do have a space station up there.
"WESTWORLD: Were nothing can go wrong" I remember seeing this back in the 1970's as a kid as was always a personal favorite. Arnold ShweThey finally got this off the Ground.

Comic Con News:
CBlend always do a great job on covering CC. Check them out for the rest of the weekend
for complete coverage. They don't miss a beat.
Over 250 pictures Name it its in here, even Godzilla...
Pacific Rim" Jaeger Pilot Preview
Alien: Isolation. How many variations have we played over the years. I even had Alien on Sega Game Gear at one point. Anyone remember that hand held system. But with the original cast included this time I have to check this out, a trip down to memory lane.
What a ham! Gotta love it. Video surprise announcement.

Note: Recap of Comic-Con throughout the weekend.

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