Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

New video With James Gunn explaining his doing with the Imax Process. So Cool. Did everyone see the cast on Jimmy Kimmel Monday Night? That was fun. Of course they wouldn't dare go up against that little girl. Man she Owned Them! LOL. Really looking forward to this. This will take care of my Star Wars fix until that film comes out.

Who loves you Baby? Vin is keeping busy these days. But looks like Fast Furious will be on hold.

Talking about that Star Wars Fix I'm mostly looking forward to No. 7. This animation is better than nothing but been there, done that. Where is that live action tv show Lucas promised us? Oooops,
never mind, I don't think The Mouse appreciates that, oh well.

Glad they didn't use this idea. More on the Radio show later this week on the subject.

So Sandler last film sucked big time. What else is new so he needs this. But this should work.
I loved Leog Movie and Wreck it Ralph and it's a throw back to our younger years and with Chris Columbus behind it with a great supporting cast like Peter Dinklage YES! this can't go wrong.
Now about that Sapce Invaders, hold on a second does anyone remember Battleship?
There is a fine line to these properties what can work and cannot work.

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