Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Comic-Con Follow Up

Just a few tidbits left over from Comic-Con as we are getting ready for the biggest summer blockbuster of the year. Hint: It has a Racoon with a nasty temper and a Walking Tree.
Quick Blog Talk Radio Promo later tonite at 9PM.

Excellent choice as I loved Attack The Block. But the big surprise here is Screenwriter Max Borenstein to write this. So much for Del Toro and Peter Jackson even tho Jackson did do teh groundwork on the legend of Skull Island. Maybe uncredited consultant. But the problem here is that its obvious that GZ Vs KK is what they are aiming for, it will be the size of King Kong. Jackson's King Kong is short compared to Edwards Godzilla who is way to huge in the reboot. Either way we getting that remake.
And it was pretty obvious that Legendary is going the Avengers route and linking up all thier big creatures for a big new franchise. Something I said this past weekend. Glad the articles mentioned finally mentioned that, they need to catch up to me, LOL..

I know this sounds like a complete copout and just a way to milk the box office and fans of thier dollar. But I have to admit if they got it riight the first time they wouldn't have to go thru with this.
But if you understood the politics, Bryan Singer went thru so much bullshit when doing the first 2 movies with FOX politics to the point Director Ratner took over XM3 and completely ruin the crap out of it. Lots of fans want some of these characters done right while still bringing in new ones. If Singer is still behind these future movies I have to agree, Let Singer has his way and let him fix what needs to be fix. Now that he has his way and the budget to go with it I can see no wrong.

I love this article. Never mind DC's Wonder Woman. This is the real Wonder Woman going against type and odds. YOU GO GIRL!

"This Video has been removed"
Everything that is wrong with this picture to begin with. What, They don't talk, dont take Questions to begin with and then you don't show the video? God I love this train wreck!

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