Monday, July 07, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Both the Live MNN show and  Blog Talk Radio show are now playing. See previous blog for links.
How wonder the studio bragged about that $100M opener. It tankedthis weekend. It couldn't even clear $40M with a 3 day July 4th weekend That is bad folks. And if you take out China's $200M this movie is not doing all that overseas. Um, are people getting tired of Bay and his Transformers? One thing for sure, It's not going clear the $1 Billion mark like the last one.
Talk about denial: The first line reads "expected to threaten $1Billion. Threaten? Bitch please. It's obvious people are getting tired of this and it's going to barely cross the $200M. With Planet Apes coming out this weekend this will get buried. Well here is one way to keep both franchises alive becuadse I would love to see this instead.
This idea is been around since day one. They fell to mention even Chris Rock was also going to take a chance on this and with inflation of course it would be 6 Billion. Wahlberg is better off with Ted
The people have spoken, well one has and that's me: Less subplots and human characters, no more than 2 hours long and MORE MONSTERS! Simple as that. But man still glad this is happening.
Why "Frozen" was such a huge hit is beyond me. Japan doesn't even help it's own pictures. That doesn't look for Godzilla 2014 over there that's for sure.
Saving the best for last, this should do huge after the disappointing 4th of July weekend. Look at the reviews so far. Like I said new show next week of Apes premiere. An All Ape show.

Update: New show posted on the widget... and the MNN show posted on our last blog.

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