Monday, June 30, 2014

Mondays Movie Link News
T4 at over $300M world wide including China with $90 making it the biggest opener over there.
Remember Pacific Rim making $100 overall. Jeez that's scary. It's all about the foreign market now
as the Domestic movies are not even clearing $300M like a few years ago. I predict only one will do that is Hunger Games. Besides that? It's Dead Jim...
Nice cool pics included here.
Good for Serkis, hope he gets his hands on everything. Still piss he didn't get a special Oscar for his contribution for LOTR as Gollem. And now everyone is turning tohim for his advancement for Mo Cap. Guess just have to wait until he gets Honorary Oscar down the road. Unless the Director career takes off then you never do, will we, lol?
As most of you know I'm a HUUUGE Planet of the Apes fan. Yep even got the monkey head from the special edition DVD set from a few years ago. Pic on that coming soon. But its great to hear the reviews on this. Glad they didn't screw up this franchise like they've been to some of others lately.
James Bond Brosnan in Expandables 4. Oh yeah, bring it on. Now about that Seagal think tho...

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