Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Going Ape Shiite Over These Links

All links with Videos. Planet of the Apes, Diaz, Swinton and more apes. lol.
25 minutes of new footage to fill in the blanks in the storyline. Great stuff.
This has all the trailers from the original films. The blu-ray collection is now available at Best Buy for $20. Great steal. Dawn starts with No. 4 Conquest and Dawn is from No. 5 Battle. So expect No.3 to go back to the original "Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes" as Dawn does mention a crew sent into space.
Note: Don't worry I will be having a special Apes special on Blog Talk Radio next week and guide you on how this all works out. I'm reviewing Rise again for the details.
Like hardcore Godzilla fans refuse to acknowledge Godzilla "98, we Ape fans refuse to believe in this reboot. Here are 2 videos to put a final nail in the coffin on that one.
She was fantastic in Snowpiercer in case you haven't got a chance to see that considering it was in limited release. One of my favorites of the year.And being a Bowie fan this woman just freaks me out as a Bowie clone. She does have a great sense of humor. Good for her.
Note: Saturn Awards (for Sci-Fi and such) Best Movie: Snowpiercer Best Ensemble cast: Snowpiercer with special shout out to Swinton. I didn't even recognize her until after the movie since I didn't know who was in the case until after the fact as I saw this a few months back when a special edition promo was sent me when I was in PR. And I will keep talking about this film until in comes out on BR. It's that good. Check out the clip on the right hand side link on the top:
"Tilda Demands Slaughter..."
Whatever it takes to get the audience to see this. As the trailer pretty much shows the whole movie.
Diaz always had that booty since Charlies Angels but the problem is Jason. Thanks to him he got
The Muppet Franchise off the ground as he's a puppeteer fan himself. But seeing him naked in
forgetting MArhsall after How I Mother show was kind of freaky then the muppets. Can you
imagine him hanging around with Kermit at the Pool back at the hotel? Yikes!

Note: New show on Blog Talk Radio will be Friday as I have to watch Brothers Bloom and Brick, both directed by the new Director for Star Wars Ep. 8 and 9 and why JJ is not doing these.

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