Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stop Monkeying Around

Getting ready for the Big Ape Weekend with the release of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".
This is a primer for the movie and the original classic 5 Part Franchise back in the 1970's. More will be posted throughout the weekend as these will all be part of my Next Blog Talk Radio Show next week featuring The Apes Franchise. And remember don't forget to do the Ape Shuffle this weekend.

Original screen test. After this the studio decided that the makeup did work and gave approval for a budget. Th young male monkey is James Brolin (Josh Father) who went on to do WestWorld and did a screen test for James Bond! This is on my partners website on You Tube. These clips and many others can be found on our main website on the media page also.
11 minute Video interviews with the cast of the movie.
About Franco's cameo in the movie. Slight spoiler but he is in the trailer.
A must site for all things Apes.First link is home, 2nd link are the deleted scenes you can match up with the Blu-ray releases.The DVD release give you the general release when they first came out. The BR collection is the keeper.
How big were these films back in the day. These videos give you an insight and travel back in time to the 1970's. As a kid I remember all these. Yeah I stayed up late night and still got A's in school. Ok make that B's and a few C's. We won't talk about the D's, lol..
PS flash forward and Paul Williams would write a ballad with Daft Punk on their Grammy Winning Album/CD. And of course the Love Boad theme, lol. (first video) Cher is that you?
Love that Carol Burnett Clip with Roddy doing Cleopatra. Great sense of humor that Roddy.
Ape Shuffle Theme included. Lalo Schifrin is known for the Mission Impossible Theme.

Emmy's were annoucned with Games of Throns and Breaking Bad leading the charge. More on this
on the next Blog Talk Radio show.

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