Thursday, July 03, 2014

Monster Mayhem Roll Out!

Autobots, time to roll!...Oops sorry wrong franchise. It gets confusing all these big giants creating mayhem for our enjoyment. LOL, it's all good.
Really heavy interview with Del Toro on all of his projects. And he answers that burning question:
What did you think of Edwards Godzilla 2014? I like his phrase, the tone of the movie.
Weird but why not, something from my childhood that looks like its going to work. And check out the other videos behind the main one to see more behind the scenes if you haven't seen them et.
Of course this is all due RAy Harryhausen but for some reason they haven't got it right. Just look at Clash of the Titans. I saw Stalingrad and was impress but when it comes to these mythologies they always get it wrong. But I'm glad there are going ahead with this and not forgetten.

So thats where my beer crushing habit started. I forgot about that , well it been a long time.
The videos included are funny as heck. "Take one for the team Quint!"
Me and my award shows. These guys are usually late. Why IM3 is beyond me. Gravity? Cool.
Quick mention on the show but for next year: Snowpiecer, Cruise, Caps 2.

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