Sunday, July 06, 2014

New MNN Show Now Playing on YouTube
Our live show from July 5. The copy is kinda fuzzy but you can still hear what we're talking.
A supplement regarding my talk on editing. An excellent documentary on the artform of editing.
Even tho it's a few years old highlighting Star Wars Clone when Yoda fights Counbt Dooku it does cover all the basics of editing.. The funniest part is when Speilberg was worried at the time that the next style of frantic cutting and editing is going to affect storytelling. Flash forward and he hired
Micheal Bay to direct Transformers. Ironic. Highly recommended.

Also playing is the new show on Blog Talk Talk which you can hear o the widget to the right.

Thanks for listening everyone! And the next Live shows will be right after the premiere of the
next Planet of the Apes Movie.

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