Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

With no competition o course this is No. 1. Now everyone is going to kiss China's ass.

More talk on Pacific Rim but whats interesting is how the studios want to make this PG-13. Just like Expendables 3. For me, do a PG13 and then release Unrated Directors cut on BR/Demand/etc.
First just to get the damn thing made and to keep the fans happy with the finale product.
These studios are so full of cowards, I'll tell you.

This says it all: 3rd paragraph, 3rd line "...no more bodies coming through the door".
So adding new seats is the answer. Poor basterds. How about better movies that are not sequels, reboots, etc bla bla bla...These corpoarations just dont get it, do they?

...And great sci-fi like this suffers at the box office. They didn't bother promoting this. Real smart.
But if you get the chance check this out. Its the whole version. And when I frist saw this a few months ago I didn't know who was in the cast beside Caps Evans. I did not recognize Actress Tilda Swinton who almost steals the show. Again this has a great ensemble cast. But Swinton really puts in a performance worthy of a nomination of some kind. Maybe Saturn Awards.

You think I'm behind with this news check these guy out. Iron Man 3? Wasn't that 2 years ago? Talk about way behind. At least they are different. Anyone who votes "Big Ass Spider" as Best DVD release can't be all that bad. That was a fun cheesy film. We fans get it.

Already? Besides "Chef" which I still haven't seen, and railway Man which was great everything else on this list was ok to sucking big time. Nymphomanic was horrible and boring and Under the Skin was boring as hell besides the part where a full body naked Scarlett looks in the mirror. That's 75 minutes into the movie if you see this torrent or whatever. Last I can't stand Wes Anderson Films, his camera work drives me nuts. Ralph Fiennes was great but still couldn'tsave the film.

On a topic of a question I answered on my Blog Talk Radio show:
Why did they pick another director for Star Wars 8-9 instead of JJ Abrahams. Look at this:

On Page 2, Directors David Lynch and Cronenberg were asked to direct Return of the Jedi.
Glad that didn't happen. To bleak. But Richard Marquand who directed a a WW2 spy flick. Still cant figure that one out.

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