Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Movie News Links
Well besides all the damn easter eggs in the movie and Paperback pointing to Mothra what else?
Article from June confirming the rest of the Trilogy? Let's see what Comic Con finally says.
Shout out to Hunter on our Godzilla Community Page for bringing this to my attention.
Regradless on who is wrong or right they both work together but it is Serkis performance that makes the SFX come alive. Also in the middle of the article it mention how a bad actress performance was edited together and later on winning an Oscar for that same performance. What a cheat.
Love the last line in this article: "Too many cooks in the kitchen."
This goes in more details on teh scripts changes. How wonder the movie was a mess.
The one film this year that everyone is making an example of on what went wrong. So don't blame me for bringing this up. I'm using this as an eample on whats wrong with the business today.
What bullcrap. Someone trying to cash in. While vulger Ted did have heart and was very funny.
This gives you a link to the other vids and they are horrible! 5 vids in all and are friggin lousy.
Strange tho, I saw this again this past Monday when someone ask me about the scene on how many Girl names he mentions in a minute, over 40-45. And my other fav the fight in the hotel room, LOL.

New Radio show coming before the weekend as I will also keep up with Comic Con announcements
to mention on our live show on MNN this Saturday.

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