Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
Cool video with JJ on the set.
Great insight on the new model system of filmmaking. Now the big wigs gotta hustle. Bet they didn't see that coming! Best line: It's all about branding and franchising. How wonder Game of Thrones and Orange New Black are huge. It's about people and stories. Guess they don't understand that. umm.
And it should fail, big time! Enough with this dark side angle aka Batman. It only works for him only. All it does is bring down the fun factor with all this serious crap. It's boring! Give it up already.
Murdoch thought Brian Singers X-Men was a waste of time. HELLO?!! But Mudoch never cared for the superhero crazed. And if he did take over it wouldn't matter. He's more interested in cable and other ventures than DC. And he doesn't need to interfere like he did with the X-Men series. Zack and the gang are screwing that all by themselves.
Hey it's not me man! They are the ones (studio) fuckkin with this. They just don't know what to do.
This is a looong article but does make some good points.
The most overrated Disney film ever. Now we stuck with this franchise. Please let it go....

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