Friday, July 04, 2014

Giant Monsters and Robots

Update: New Blog Talk Radio Show now posted. Just check out the widget, as its playing there.
A new video featuring Robots and a repeat of Del Toro Simpsons Opener. I included both original and all references from Del Toro as this is fun a heck but no Transformer  joke in this one. Ummm.
Thye skipped on major movie called "Silent Running" featuring Bruce Dern (who was nomiated last year for Nebraska) which featured 3 small robots called Drones, Louie, Huey and Dewey. Classic film from the 1970's and of course Westworld also from the 1970's with Classic Star Yul Brynne repeating his role as a gunslinger from "The Magnificent 7". In this one he becomes a rogue robot.
Of course they are many others but it's obvious it's all about Transformers for the weekend.
Simpsons opener aka Del Toro. Strangely no Transformers and classic Robby the Robot but B9, Danger Danger Will Robinson!,  from Lost in Space is there. 2 personal favorites.
Same clip but withthe annoying bell ring for the references. Whats strange on this one is the bell ring goes off for Pacific Rim but doesn't mention the Godzilla roar. Hence about Godzilla and Pacific Rim crossover someday. And while the studios say no because they're afraid of the budgets we all know the fanboys are out there for this. And that means Kaching!

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