Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Nope didn't see this coming. Wow this is different and brilliant. Makes sense when you think about it. This makes a great cross over. 2 franchises which I love, together as one. Looks like another one for the collection. Time to clear some bookshelf space.
They say he's a bad mother...Shut your mouth!..I'm only talking about Mace
Can you count how many, I stopped after 50, wow thats a lot.
Guess he's trying to jump on the band wagon in the getting his career rebooted after EX3. But the problem here is Marvel now owns it and can just get a young blood to restart the franchise. Oh well.
Holy Cash Cow! Talk about friggin raises. And the back end. Talk about F.U. retirement money.
They are so lucky that they are still funny or this wouldn't happen. Me? I wouldn't mind a more years. And Sheldon is the funniest Nerd on the planet.

Doing another test run as last nights was a total disaster. Time to change mic and laptops.

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