Saturday, July 26, 2014

Highlights of Comic-Con 2014
Now that is a busy poster. A lot more pics including below.
A wrap up so far on the past few days with a lotmore coming for the rest of the weekend.
Whovians are really waiting where this is going to go and with Peter Jackson directing a episdoe?
Hell yeah, and a cinematic release, well it's all god. Looks like August is going to be a busy month.
What's with the diss? This film needs the break for the old fans and new ones to show up or we won't get an EX4. It wasn't bad enough that they had to tone it down to a PG-13 to get everyone in for the boxoffice. Looks liek somebody was pissed and wanted to sabotage this. Seagall was that you? lol.
Still going to be there regardless, most bootleg copies are terrible and have scenes missing anyways.
Taken was bootleg where before it open in the US and did did huge. So let's see.

What ever I didn't catch today I'll post tomorrow to continue with the Con events.
Don't forget to catch the previous posts as I posted the second half of our last live show.

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