Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links
This will be huge. All I can say is I'm getting my Star Wars fixed so I am so there. LOL.
The nly thing that is going in my head is Marvel gets to right and DC is such a Fuk Up. Sorreeeee..
I wish somebody would make up thier minds. So they are NOT during it but they are still pitching it.
It would makes sense for them at least to produce but looks like Legendary got their own take.
Sharknado No. 3? This film was a hoot. It helped if you were a New Yorker and how they filmed arond the city in 20 degree weather. Just look at the Baseball Game scene, you see their Breaths!
The man who started all this name combo titles on SyFy channel The B King himself Mr. Corman.
I'm  HUGE fans of his and will be doing a special on him. Great interview about these movies.
Legendary Makeup artist who Rick Baker was a student who went on to doing King Kong 1975 and other famous Sci-fi Horror films. Look at his projects on IMDBfor a full listing.

Note: another test is playing. actually sounds good. Going to tape something tonite, lol.
Update: New show now playing with comic con topic....check out the widget...

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