Friday, January 24, 2014

Zoe Bell - Expendabells, Raze and More

Who? That cool chick who rode the hood in Death Proof and kicked Kurt Russells ass! That's who!
I'm so impress with this lady I decided to end the week with female power. Yeah Baby!
First 2 great articles on the projects she's working or trying to get a hold of. Thanks to Cinemablend for that.
Then a review on her latest project, Raze in which she produced.

Mostly good reviews and info in case you never heard of this. Yep available at Redbox.

My review of Raze:
Raze: 3 - This is not for all tastes. After a while it gets a little repititious as she keeps fighting woman after woman to stay alive, You do see some cameos with actresses she has worked with before. But what I do like about it that it doesn't wimp out on the topic. There is some brutal fighting among them and doesn't hold back. And while we don't get the obvious topless, naked showers in which  the exploitation pictures of the 1970's had in this genre, we do get the female villain who's in charge of this enterprise. And the ending does pay off in which she gets her revenge on her captors. I mean how else is going to end?

Mini-reviews for the weekend. Films not to see. Both available at Redbox.

Age of Dinosaurs: 2 - Asylum Pictures with a budget of theSy Fy Channel. While you do get Dinosuars they just don't do much with them. Treat Williams and Ronny Cox should fire their agents. Is it that bad?

Hell Baby: 1 - By the makers of Reno cable show there is not one funny joke here. A take off on Rosemary's Baby, Exorcist, and all other ripoffs, a good cast completely wasted besides Riki Lindhome completely naked in the shower. She does lots of tv by the way. Why be in this? See IMDB for credits.
You'll be scratching your head too.
Quote from the movie: Ghosts don't kill people. People kill people". Guest these actors wanted to kill their careers.

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