Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Links

We are back from those award shows so we have a lot of links to catch up even tho I still have some more award talk but this time we have the funny stuff. Even I don't take all of this seriously.
As usual I put the link and give my professional opinion on the matter. (put my 2 cents in and wing it). Enjoy.
Gravity and 12 Years a Tie? It's obvious by now that Director Cuaron will win the Oscar for Best Director but maybe people are just getting tired of the mention of American Hustle (I know I am as I said before) and as 12 Years is a great movie (remake, which is a no in my books) now Gravity is getting the big push.
I wouldn't be surprise is Hustle and 12 Years might cancel each other and Gravity gets the Nod for Best Picture.
I agree with this list. Lone Ranger for Visual Effects and not Pacific Rim. WTF. Enough with the Friggin Hobbits, To Boldly Go Where No....Frig That! Where's the TV Show. But this is the one that kills me:
The Croods don't belong here? It's all about family! So what its a variation of The Flintstones. Remember when Speilberg did the live movie version with John Goodman? Suck City! And we all know what belongs on this list. Frozen! So damn over rated! Fk the mouse!
Adam Sandler gets his due. The sequel nobody was asking for ( that's happening a lot lately tho).
Stallone gets 31 nods for 3 flix. Ouch. M. Night Shamalayacaca for Worst Director. No surprise there.
Are you kidding me? Really? Ok didn't see Grandmaster yet and I can see why "The Butler" hated those cameos but MU, WWZ, Capt. Phillips? Really?
Travers rants like nobody can rant. He does crack me up.
Screen Junkies, they too can be funny but who are those guys as guests?
Other title: What the hell were they thinking?
Oscar nominee says anyonecan make a film. But can they make a good one with a $200M Budget? Nope.
Now this is getting sad. And I mentioned this before. Just go and make JL already. So maybe tey are reading my blog. lol.

More links will be posted on Wednesday's leftovers.

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