Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Movie Mini- Reviews

Well we are back with some reviews. Monday Links will return next week.
Oscar nod predictions will be announced as which Actors will be nominated as that is the catagory to watch.
Ratings: 1-5, Bad to Great

American Hustle: 5 - The movie that Marty should have made. The strength is not the individual cast as they are all good but as an cast ensemble which prove to be a powerhouse. Any soundtrack that has ELO on it is something to cheer for. And no Gimme Shelter on the soundtrack either. That is so cliche. So much to say.
Just see the damn thing. Oscar for Best Picture.

Dallas Buyers Club: 5 - Matthew and Jared steal the show. Saw this as soon as they got the nods for Globes to decide for myself and yep, they nailed it. They proved me right. Oscar all the way. But it's a great story that needed to be told. Some critics had a problem with it's 2 story arc. First with the characters in the first act then the politics Matthew's character had to deal begin in the second half. Not really conventional but it works for the movie. Maybe that's why it didn't get an nod from the Globes. Maybe Oscars. It deserves it.
At least its important to remember those who went through the pain and died from this disease.

Blue Jasmine: 3 - Overrated as far as being told as one of Woody Allen's best. It's more of a drama than anything else and after while you want to put a baseball bat to Blancett's head as her character gets really annoying after a while. Yes she's is good with the character (I preferred Emma Thompson's Mr. Banks) but you can't reach any sympathy for her. The film overall is no Midnight in Paris.

Her: 2 - I was bored to tears besides gppd direction, Globe script winner, cinematography, spx but either Jaoquin smiled a lot or was depressed. I couldn't care less about such unsympathetic character. I was surprise with all the kudos this picture got. Maybe Iexpected to much fromt he hype. But this movie did nothing for me. Not even a rental from me. I love Spike Jones with Where the Wild Things Are and Malkovich of course but this didn't do it for me.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty:  2 - Not a remake but more of a re-imagine of the classic movie that
fails big time. It doesn't even compare. No fault of Stiller's Direction or acting as he proved he can handle both with Tropic Thunder which was in my top 10 of that year. Not even the locations and cinematography can save this as for a fantasy this just failed flat and besides a few chuckles it doesn't add up much. Note: I saw the filming of this at Rockfellar center for a whole week  and near Wall St. in NYC for 2 days. It hardly registers on the screen. Ah the magic of movies.
PS See the original. Danny Kaye's Acting is top notch. That's what you call real acting young ones.

Next Week: Lone Survivor, Wolf of Wall St. and more while I try to catch up.

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