Friday, January 10, 2014

Golden Globe Predictions Pt. 1

Update: Since I was rushing to post this to meet the day's deadline I put in some extra tidbits.

Starting on Monday we are going back on schedule in time for Oscar talk. In the meantime:

The Golden Globes Nominations. I will concentrate mainly on the movies but on Sunday
I will mention some tv/cable as I have not seen most of them and just mention some tidbits.

Best Picture: Gravity
This should be American Hustle but got put in the Comedy section instead which makes no sense.
Why didn't I pick 12 Years Slave? As good as it is, this is a remake. The original starring Avery Brooks from Star Trek:DS9, was presented as part of the American Playhouse series back in 1984 and is pretty much the same story but not that explicit in its violence.

Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Nailed it. Never mind that weight loss crap. That has nothing to do with it. You hate his character then you love his character and you wind up cheering him on for the cause. Excellent.
Honorable mention: Tom Hanks, The nurse asks if he's ok, he goes full blown Oscar moment.

Actress: Cate Blancette
While I prefer Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks, who was great tin breaking Hanks balls through out the picture, Blancette is everyone's favorite. Good performance but you can tell it was because of Woody's direction that she achieved that performance.

Spt Actor: Jared Leto
I got to admit I never put 2 and 2 together while watching Dallas Buyers Club. Who is this guy cause he was fantastic. Only after the movie I checked IMDB and said: The Musician?!?!? You got to be fkin kidding me!
Nailed it!
PS He reminded me of John Lithgow in World According to Garp when he played the character Roberta. Classic.
Honorable mention: That scary dude from Capt. Philips. He stills scares me.

Spt. Actress: Lupita Nyong'o
She was the highlight of this movie, 12 Years. She has this in her corner.

Director: David Russell
Great script with character narration and smart cast ensemble. A direct nod to Scorsese style and movies.
Marty is pissed!
PS: Everyone is talking about Gravity but thats more of a technical achievement if anything else but don't be surprise if Cauron gets it since the Globes is the foreign press.

Screenplay: David Russell and Eric Warren Singer
Love that dialogue. Who couldn't?

Animation: Frozen
The mouse is being a bully. I would chose The Croods but  they chose Monster University instead.
I rather give it to Despicable Me 2. Minions rule.
Imagine being afraid of Mickey. Yep that's why Frozen will win. It didn't even deserve to be nominated.
That's right, I'm not afraid of no damn mouse. oh oh someone's banging at the door. Gotta go....

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