Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oscar Nominations Prediction

I just picked the top catagories as they are tightist in the nominations. Too many contenders and not enought spots. The winner of Oscar who I think is going to win is listed on top. Getting ahead of myself but why not.

Cuaron - Gravity
David O'Russell - American Hustle
Paul Greengrass - Capt. Phillips
Steve Mcqueen - 12 Years
Scorsese - Wolf of Wall Street

Alexander Payne - Nebraska could be the upset. If he's in then Marty is out.
Note: There has been many times a Best Picture gets a nod and wins without it's Director getting
any recognition. Just ask Speilberg. The Color Purple, Every nomination in the book besides him. OUCH!

Actor: This is the catagory I'm watching the most.
Matthew McConaughey
Tom Hanks
Bruce Dern
Chiwetel Eijifor
Christian Bale

Redford will be shut out which is a shame. So it will be between Bale and Leo but most of the cast will
be nominated and that has Bale as a lock. Leo got nominated in the Comedy catagory at the Globes and Oscar doesn't respect that.

Cate Blance
Sandra Bullock
Amy Adams
Emma Banks
Judi Dench

Could Meryl be the big upset here? While Amy won over Meryl but that was comedy catagory and Oscar doesn't give a crap with that. So this won't matter either way cause it's obvious Cate has it.

Supporting Actor:
Jared Leto - To be honest I don't care who gets the nod. I'm putting my bets on Leto.

Supporting Actress:
Lupita Nyong-O - I still think she will get it no matter what. Her Globe was stolen from her.
No offense to Lawrence but already won a few years ago. And she's young. She has more than enough of a future like Streep to get her dues. Give it a break already.

American Hustle
12 Years A Slave
Capt. Philips
Wolf of Wall Street
#8, #9 = pick any movie, Her, Blue Jasmine etc..who cares..

Showdown between Hustle and Slave but who knows. They might cancel each other out and give it to
Gravity. Woudn't that be funny? Na, that only happens in the movies. LOL.

Remember Lincoln? All those nominations and it only won one. That's what's going to happen with
12 Years a Slave. Nyong-O will get her Oscar for Supporting Actress and that will save face for 12 Yrs.
Also both 12 Years and American Hustle are period pieces so both will share the Costume and other catagories and probably split those, maybe.

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