Saturday, January 25, 2014

So What About Those Grammys Tomorrow?

By request I'm reposting this weeks previous posts for the weekend. In the meantime...

Yeah,What about those Grammy's tomorrow? I'm just watching Macca, Sir Paul McCartney and that's about it. As far as the other nominations. Who the hell cares. It's completely pointless.
I'm not here to rant. But to put it simply, once Minni Vanilli won a Grammy this award has gone downhill
and I lost all respect for this. They won and Bob Dylan has never won a Grammy.WTF?!

And don't get me started about Jay-Z. All those nods for what? Still pissed about him making the
Grey Album. Where he took samples of the Beatles White Album and made a complete mess of it.
Simply horrible. As a musician, sampling is just a friggin insult. That's about it.

Back on Monday for Links and Tuesday movie reviews.

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