Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrusday Leftover Links

These are links from the rest of the week. Catching up so we can be back on track.
As usual I post these and put my usual opinion and spin on the subject.
Great news for us Kaiju fans. The Lobster and The Flying Turd were always my favorite next to King Gidorah and Mothra. They were unique to say the least. Now if only they can get to the Hensei seires from the 1900's and re-issure those. Some weren't even letterbox. Crossing the fingers.
This is funny. Talk about a bitch slap. Only hard core fans know who is Ant Man and this takes over 2 super hero icons. DC just can't get it together can they. PS New JL release review coming next week.
So Harrison Ford is going to this after all. What happened to Indy Jones. LOL. (and rolling on floor).
Great interview. But keeps quiet on the new Star Wars. umm...
So that's why Jonah Hill go nominated for taking a pay cut? Oh I'm just saying. Still haven't seen this damn movie. But glad when he went up in flames in "This is The End" Man. Now that was funny.

Friday: Some reviews on some really bad movies. Kind of what not to rent for the weekend. More Redbox coming.
Weekend I'm just going to repost this past weeks blogs for those who missed it.
Sunday a quick commentary of the Grammys.
 Like anyone cares. Jay-Z with 7 nods? R U FKing Kidding Me?

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