Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes Predictions Pt. 3

Here are some leftover predictions for the tv/cable section.
Remember all of these guesses are for fun since the GG can be so unpredictable. But as history goes who ever wins here most likely will win the Oscars.

Show: Big Bang,
Sorry but all the others nominated suck. why Parks is still on is because NBC doesn't have squat in thier line up. I could never get into Modern Family, B99 and Girls are just horrible.

Jim Parsons, this guy never misses a beat and all those long dialogues! Talk about a great memory. We all love Micheal J Fox but its got that NBC curse, what a shame.

Edie Falco, she can do drama and comedy. Who doesn't love Ms. Soprano?

Mini Series:
 Behind the Candelbra, to be honest the only one I saw but Douglas and Damon, yeah.
Shame Spector wasn't nominated cause that's the other one I saw but no nods.

Douglas will get it over Damon because he's got more years in the business. It's a coutesy call but Pacino was great as Spector. Finally saw Elba in Luther this afternoon on BBC. Damn that dude is tall.

Only saw Helen Mirren in Spector saw I go with that, but she never fails.

Spt. Actor:
Rob Lowe, for looking scary freaky as the plastic surgery dude. Did you know he almost got the lead
part in "Dune" movie? But did not want to commit to a trilogy. Yep David Lynch Dune. Yikes!

Spt. Actress:
Jaqueline Bisset. Nope I haven't seen any of these performances. But Bisset might get it again for a long time recognition and besides she's total English. Foreign Press loves that. Is that an expect opinion? Hell no!
I just remember her in that wet t-shirt in that Jaws rip-off The Island. Oh the memories.

So to wrap it up my main bets are on the movies for Best Picture, Actors, Directors all on Pt. 1
of my predictions. With Pt. 1 & 2 I'm just having fun. But then again for you die hards whohave been
following me for years, remember I stuck with Argo for Best Picture and Hush Puppy nod for Actress?
You never know.

Enjoy the show everyone! See ya Tommorrow with the outcome.

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