Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winners at the SAG Awards

While most were predictable, I got wiped out with my predictions in the Ensemble Awards besides
Outstanding Performance by a cast in a Motion Picture (that have to make these titles shorter!):
American Hustle, even I'm getting tire of saying this title.

I forgot one Ensemble title in which Breaking Bad won which made sense.
But all my Favs won including Matthew and Jared for Dallas Buyers Club
and Nyong-o for Best Spt. Actress which made my night. This was a hint to
the Oscars that she should win and not J. Law, sorry but not a fan of Hunger Games!

Update: And no I did not forget Rita Moreno Tribute:
One of the few actresses that have all the major awards: Oscar, Tony, Emmy etc.
And of course in one of my favorite movies of all time: West Side Story
More on the Live show when it premieres.

Well that's about it, Moday Links and Tuesday Mini-reviews.
We are looking at Jan 27 for a new live talk show. Soon everyone soon...

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