Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Mini Reviews

From now on Tuesday will be movie reviews only and BR/DVD will be on Wednesdays. This let's me catch up with thebonus features on some of these discs. Ratings: 1-5, bad to good.

Want to read Screenplays of Oscar nominated movies? Something new the studios have started.

This oen has been around for years but it has a lot of unproduced scripts that were never made in movies aka Aliens vs Predator (space station battle), Planet of the Apes (Arnuld version) and many more. Note: Click on the Yellow Car picture to get into the site.

Theatres owner complaining about long trailers: I, Frankenstein is a good place to start.

I, Frankenstein: 2 - I, Remake of Underworld Franchise. That's all this is. It even has Bill Nighy from Underworld. The whole look screams of that franchise but not even half as fun. And I hated that franchise! If you saw the trailer you've seen the movie. Demons, Gargoyles, Frankenstein. Oh My. What looked good on paper doesn't translate to good here. Poor Echhart, he is so miscast to the point of distraction. Only for the curious, wait for Netflix if only for the last 10 minutes where all hell brakes loose and eveyone has a big showdown. But then again if you saw the trailer you saw the end.

Ride Along: 2 - Been there buddy cop movie. While it did have it's moments thanks to Kevin Hart he still couldn't save this film. After a while we get Ice Cube screaming at Kevin to prove himself after he screws up, again and again, which gets into into mini setups until the third act when Kevin saves the day with a subplot which wastes the talent of Laurence Fishburne. Kevin does his best with a generic script but this proves he has to be let loose like Robin Williams and just ad lib the damn thing, and supposedly he did with some scenes. You couldn't tell the difference. And to think that Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds were going to do this. It wouldn't have mattered.

A lot more reviews coming this week as I'm still trying to catch up.
And more Redbox reviews. Home away from home. The local theatre.

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