Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globe Outcome and Surprises

So here is my quick wrap up about the Globes or as they call it: Pass the booze Around!

Well I got quite a few right:
Matthew and Jared, Blancett, Douglas, Bissett out of all things, Douglas, Frozen (big deal)
I still prefer Emma over Cate but Emma should total class with the shoe and wine. Totally English.

If not one it be the other:
12 Slaves not Gravity, Cauron not Russell, Amy not Streep guess Meryl got too many.

Lawrence and not Nyong-o! What the hell is that about, sorry JL was good and again it was a cast ensemble! Nyong-o was robbed but Oscar will prevail. She will get her due!
Spike Jonz instead of David Russell. Well "Her" was well written but boring as hell. Review soon.
Amy Poehler is funny but that show sucks crap. This was a lousy catagory anyways.

Andy Samberg, Brooklyn 99 !?!?! Fox had payola in its corner. What bullshit. That show Sucks!
Over Big BangTheory? Did anyone see those scripts, the writing is at it's best!

Best Score: Some were curious why I, being a musician, didn't pcik this and best song:
I felt all the songs and U2 is just a weak song. Good lyrics, boring chords.
But the score got me really pissed off. Did anyone see the Redford movie "All is Lost"?
There's hardly any music let alone a soundtrack. What the hell were they thinking.
But I couldn't judge the rest as I haven't seen The Book Thieve and felt the other soundtracks
were weak and just serve the movie as it were. Even Zimmernan for 12 Year was just there.
But this was an outrage. Write 10 minutes worth of music and get a Globe. Oscar will correct this.
But then Trent Reznor got an Oscar for Social Network, a head scratcher if there ever was one.

So now on to the Oscar Predictions. The big deal here is in the Actor and Actresses catagory.
10 nods each for Drama and Comedy/Musical which will be condensed to only 5 each.
I will list my predictions tomorrow on who will get the nod.
As far as Best Picture they've been picking 9-10 the past few years so they all got a chance but
it will be American Hustle unless Oscar goes Mush like Globes did for 12 Years. So one or the other.

And no I haven't forgotten the Bafta and SAG awards as the SAG acknowledges ensemble casts.
They have FF6 and American Hustle. That should be interesting.

I'm skipping links until Friday along with Reviews including American Hustle, Walter Mitty, Her,
Dallas Buyers Club, Blue Jasmine, others...

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