Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursdays Leftover's - Links Galore

Links and Movie Reviews that didn't fit the first time around this past week. Posted in Date Order.
Also by request, where do I see these films? At the bottom of this page is my second home. lol.

Reason #945 why is movie is going to suck big time!
Wow, didn't see that coming. Everyone was talking Bryan Cranston as Lex. Guess they wanted someone younger. But Irons makes sense. He's British. LOL.
He should be part of the team aka GI Joe. No fault of Tatum but he works great when partnered with someone. Jump Street, White Down yes dumb ass movie but him and Foxx were good, etc. Making Gambit into a solo movie would not work. Look at Wolverine, first one sucked, second one been there done that, not waiting for a third. Gambit Tatum, team work. Check out the poll at the bottom.
Well if it worked for a teddy bear, maybe it could work for the west. Looks great but be warned:
It's one of those 3 minute trailers. Hope it doesn't show off all the best stuff.
Spoilers? To convoluted for me to care. Looking forward to this but this article is a mess.
Watch Vin get his groove on. Still haven't seen Riddick BR version but a sequel is a go. Cool.
Great video. It's from a NYC angle but this represents all screens where ever you live.
Note: Lincoln Square is one of the biggest screens out there. Of course others will be small.
Everyone was asking where did this song come from? All these songs suck. Bland, generic and I hate that Frozen song which will win. Arnulds version is where better. That should be nominated instead:
Long overdue for a comedy western aka Blazing Saddles. Seth proved he can conquer the box office.
Now if only he can let go of tv sitcoms. Dad sucks and Cleveland was the start of the downhill.
Everything Micheal Bay touches gets jinxed. Besides Transformers, why you think he keeps making these?, he has no luck with anything else. This won't be any different. And I don't like the look already.
Glad this didn't happened. It doesn't look right. All I can say "OH MY".
Never the script. This was the third highest grossing
This reeks of desperation on both sides. They don't learn do they? And nobody cares.

Nut Job: 3 - Cute movie with great animation. But the story did get convoluted at times in a small time frame. While it does try to tell a few stories in which it all ties up at the end, the comedy suffers for this as this could have been funnier. But you do get your moneys worth as this gets to be a very busy movie with all that's going on with so many multiple characters. This could have been more streamlined for it's story arc. Would play better at home but still worth checking out on Netflix.

Rush (RB) 2 - Overrated racing movie about 2 egostical jerks that you couldn't care less about. Both actors were good in the leads but couldn't save this picture. Decent racing scenes but this is a yawner. And this was nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes?  I met Ron and Tom Hanks at the making of "Splash" with down at Wall St., NYC. Both great guys and Ron was giving out autographs while busy directing! Top notch guy. Shame I couldn't get into this one.

Never Sleeps Again: The Elm Street Legacy: 5 - If Crystal Lake Memories is any indication and made by the same filmmakers. Horror film making 101. Both are keepers. I'm still in the process of watching
Friday 13 Memories as they are 4 hours plus commentary and features.
Note: I saw the DVD version of Elm Street which is a 5 itself for the hardcores fans like me and now it's an expanded edition with a lot more added. Who cold ask for more. Want more details:
Never what I think. If this review doesn't convinced you, well guess your not a fan, either that
it's just to much work And yes it is. And worth it.

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