Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday's Mini-Reviews Blu-rays

Catching up with many reviews this week so Leftovers will be on for Thrusday and have a few there too.

Legend of Hercules: 2 - While this has nothing to do with the greek mythology by name only, it's a basic retread of Gladiator with slo-mo shots from 300. He gets caught alot, fights, escapes. repeat. In between he has time to go in the lake with his lady. Too many times. The highlight is when they fight a really bad CG Lion ($70 budget?) and near the end when he uses lightening from his hands to kill the soldiers who surround him. UH, how come he didn't do this at the beginning? There's a line in the movie between a villager and Herc: "Hercules a God!, No, I'm just a man" My Quote: "Legend of Hercules!" No, just a Redbox Rental"  Man, I wanted to say that all week.

Raise the Titanic: 3 - Now Playing on You Tube! Interesting setup for the first half of the movie which is basically under search for the ship. It sure looks like outtakes from Cameron's film, right James?
But if you just want to go to see the ship get uplifted go to the 1:15m mark. A Giant model was used and not a CG effect.  For the plot, get this: This is where James Cameron got the idea about getting unabtanium for Avatar and the only place to get is of course, Titanic. Check out the ship going under the Brooklyn Bridge at 1:35 mark and you'll The World Trade Center in the background. Great shot near the end of the film. At the end film credits you can see the model being raised in one complete uncut sequence.Yes it's dated but if you want to see where Jimbo got some ideas for his big ship ideas, this is one of them.

Machette 2: 3 - While it not as over the top?! like the first one, it tries, but still a lot of fun. And surprised nobody noticed the James Bond 007 plot rip off of "Moonraker". I'll let you figure that out. too obvious.
Note: 2 features? That's it? Where the hell is the 10 minute cooking school? Remember those? I had those clips on my you tube site and they made me take it down. But those were the extras that were included that made the discs a most own for the collection. No love here. At least Matchete 1 had an Audience track.
Sin City had one. I still have that clip running on You tube. Guess those were the days. The studios just don't care in putting these out anymore. Rumours of a double dip? They said the same for Machete 1 and that never happened. so don't count on it here. And as far as the 3rd one to complete the trilogy? Only if this one sells like crazy and there's next to no promos for it. Not good. Only Rodriguez knows.

Capt. Phillips: 4 - When you see the last 10 minutes with Hanks going for his Oscar moment, you'll agree he deserve it. For him not to get the nod was a shame. Commentary included which I haven't to. Greengrass, another Oscar for directing he didn't get, has done commentaries and are always good, so I will get to this down the road. He info is always on the money. A must listen. One thing why he deserve the nod. You know the story, he lives, Spoiler! LOL. But like "ARGO" who do you keep the audience attention for 2 hours when you they know the outcome. A true director knows. Ask Afflect. (and enuff with him being Batman!).

Blue Jasmine: 3 - A dramedy I didn't care for. But I can never knock Woody's writing. I prefeedr Emma Thompson performance but she didn't get the Oscar nod so Blanchett will win it. But man she was annoying to the hilt. crying, whining, etc. Where's that baseball bat?
Only Feature is  a behind the scenes aka Midnight in Paris feature. You saw that, you saw this.

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