Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday's Mini Reviews

A lot of reviews this week as we will continue tomorrow as we try to catch up on these releases.
RB = Redbox, BR = Blu-ray. Note: some of these are not available on Redbox hence the BR mark.

Last Vegas: 4 (RB)  - Funny comedy which was really underrated at the theatres. All 4 actors bring their game with their comedic skills at the beginning and their drama skills in the second half. There's a good story here besides the usual gimmicks and jokes about being old. But there are some funny one liners and situations. And Jack Nicholson was almost in this one. Shame, I would've given this a 5.
Maybe on the commentary they explain this. Have to get to that. But no other features. Bummer.

Instructions Not Included: 5 (RB) The ultimate tear jerker of the year. This is on my top 10 film of the year. This brings Dramedy to a whole new level.This is the film that critics have their head up their ass. Big Time. Yes it plays like a tv Spanish Novella in the first half and there is subtitles but you still get the humour. But it's the second half where the drama takes over and theEnglish language takes over. So while is a mexican import to not treat as such. A problem the critics had those heartless basterds. What really got me was the ending. You don't see it coming. And make sure you have a box of tissues. How sad is the ending? "Grave of the Fireflies" sad for those who know that picture. We have a clip from that film with commentary with Roger Ebert on YT.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: 2 (RB) - Besides the hit tune by Sir Paul, this was a weak sequel that just couldn't measure of the first. Even though the studio would like to continue with this franchise they should end it here. Besides the cute angle with names aka The Croods, this does not have the winning team that created the first one and it shows. But not a total waste if your a fan if the first one.

Bad Grandpa: 3 (RB) - While not a fan if Jackass movies and a subplot that was completely deleted, it helped, this still has many funny moments and could've fooled me with Knoxville was actually under that makeup. He plays the old man pretty good. My favorite skit was him as the all male strip joint.
1 hour behind the scenes of the setups, it's victims and deleted scenes.

Bonnie And Clyde: 0 (RB) -  The writer and director decided we should know these 2 instead of the bank robbers that they were. I walked away knowing less. A total Fk bore. Do not waste your time. What surprise me is there is 45 minutes explaining thier angle for this approach. "Don't give up your day job guys" So rent out B & C 1967 with Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Gene Hackman. That's a 5 by the way.

You're Next: 3 (RB) - It looks like a grainy low budget pictures from the 70's but that adds to the charm as this had a twist in the middle of the movie and another one at the end. Took me by surprise.
Don't let it fool you that this was on the shelf for so many years. Studio politics. I'm looking forward to what these guys come up with next (no pun intended). While no major features this has 2 commentaries. This has to be worth listening to with the drama they put with.

Black Water Vampire: 2 (RB) - Documentary style that had a nice approach, very few shaky cam shots. But..the first hour you get the know the crew about looking for the vampire. Boring! Don't matter, they all get killed off by the end except one survivor with a surprise ending (yawn). Fast forward to 60 mins and you do the see the vampire (makeup left over from Star Trek) and some action at the last 20 minutes for the curious. Don't be made at me, I saved you an hour of your life.
Trivia: One of the actresses was producer and camera operator. You deserved a 2 for that.

Deranged: 1 (RB) I must have been to bother with this. It's not even a horror movie. One of the guests turns out to be the killer for revenge. The kills are boring tv made. The last 10 minutes has one of the actors to the ultimate over the top that has to be seen to be believed. How she kept a straight face is beyond me. Horrible.

Night of the Demons: (BR) 3 - I remember the DVD release. This has been updraged big time which I have not seen. So going by memory on that release. But this one is a keeper for sure.
Old school 80's horror with actual makeups effects and SFX. Remember CGI was not the norm back then. While it takes a while to get started that last half is a real trash fest. This came with a great commentary by the makers and now this new release has a new commentary with the cast. And a new 90 minute documentary on the making of the film. Shout Factory did the same with Day of the Dead BR release and did a greta job with that. I know I won't be dissapointed with the work Factory does with it's release. The 3 is for the original DVD release so this BR would probably get a 4.

Tomorrow will be some leftovers including links and reviews not covered the past 3 days.

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