Saturday, January 11, 2014

Golden Globes Predictions Pt. 2

Okay here are the leftovers from yesterday's list:

The Comedy/Musical section doesn't make much sense but:
Picture: American Hustle. This will get the Oscar unless the academy goes mush and goes for 12 Years.

Actor: Bale might let nominated for an Oscar but it's a stretch. The strength for this movie is for it's cast emsemble if anything else. Leo for comedy is a death sentence, no way for Oscar.
Bruce Dern is a long shot for Oscar but remember Peter Fonda got nominated for Actor?
Both these actors were famous for those low budget 1960's movies, aka Roger Corman. But for me
I remember him for Silent Running, one of my favorite sci-fi movies from the 1970's. Classic movie.
And of course starring with the Duke himself John Wayne for True Grit. Dern should get a nod.

Actress: Amy Adams?I love this girl and her outfits but against Streep? No way. You go Meryl.

That's it for movies and as far as tv goes here are my 2 for now. More tomorrow.

Comedy: Big Bang Theory. The theory is the longer a show is on the air the weaker it gets.
This damn thing is funnier and stronger than ever. Cool.

Drama and Actor: The Blacklist and James Spadar.
This could be the longest blog ever written on why I love this show. Well I'm saving that for the live show.

Speaking of which, I'm looking for a new season beginning with Oscars and Best and Worst like I promised.

Thanks to all of you for your support on behalf of me and my family.
I'm looking at the end of January to start the live shows. For sure to talk about the Oscar nods.
It should be interesting.

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